Letters To and From Spirit

On dishonesty

Oct 3, 2023

To Spirit:


Please help me. I notice my own dishonesty sometimes and it can be something that still really bothers me. I understand this is yet another temptation to judge myself and believe I have sinned, and I am willing to be helped to see this differently.

I also prefer to be honest, as I know you have taught me that honesty is consistency and is a characteristic of a teacher of God. Please help me to be honest and consistent with my word. Please help me to see my own dishonesty as you would have me see it. Please help me to allow this too to be used for salvation.

Spirit, please help me.

From Spirit:

Blessed one,

You have done well to bring this judgment to me for repurposing. You have been taught that self-judgment benefits you not. Anything you seem to do as the dream character has been gently planned and can be used for the good of all. Remember this and remember this quickly whenever you are tempted to judge yourself. Bring the temptation to me and let me help you to see it differently. You have done this in bringing to me your sense of dishonesty. Let us look at it together now.

It can help you to remember that anything you seem to do as the little self is done from a place of fear, which can also be understood as a call for love. When you notice your self being dishonest, you can trust that fear is at the root of the behavior. And you’ll help yourself most by remembering that the only antidote to this fear is Love.

See your own dishonesty as a call for love then. Judge yourself not for your supposed sins. You have been promised that the Son of God is free and that you are Him. Who would lie but one who has not fully believed this promise? And what would drive judgment of this poor little self but the fear of one who has been self-deceived?

It is only your own perception that needs correcting, as it is only your self who can be deceived. Worry not about the dream character’s behavior. Remember that the part of your mind that operates out of fear is not you. When you remember this you will quickly bring the evidence of false belief to me, and we will gently smile to each other as we allow all the perceived gaps in your word to be filled in with Love.

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