Letters To and From Spirit

On blessing the body

Oct 2, 2023

To Spirit:


Please help me. I notice that when I believe I have something “wrong” with the body it is particularly challenging for me to hand over this grievance. I seem to be up against some significant body issues right now, and I notice that I am having a lot of ego temptations about what to think and feel about this. I am not interested in holding on to the ego interpretation. Please help me to see this with you instead. Please help me to let go of the belief that I am a body that can have issues. Please help me remember that everything is happening for me, not to me. Please help me to do or say anything truly helpful. Please help me to forgive.

Spirit, please help me.

From Spirit:

Dear one,

You help yourself by continuing to bring these body issues and concerns to the Light. Do not be stopped by how often you seem to need to ask for help with this one. Remember that your function is to continue to practice forgiveness until the illusion of forgiveness is no longer helpful because you have fully remembered your true reality. Until then, it matters not which form seems to be coming up nor how many times you have seemed to hand it over. Remember that time only exists in your perception, and not even a second has been lost in Heaven. Let me help you bless the body now.

You are not a body. The Son of God is free. However, your belief in and identification with the body is powerful in your mind. You will do well to not try to deny this. Your part in salvation is to notice the evidence of this false belief and bring it to the Light again and again. You are not asked to deny what part of you believes. This would be fighting yourself, and this you have been taught is most unhelpful indeed.

Do not deny the body then. Do not fight that part of you is concerned about this form. Let me help you by changing your mind for you. Bring the concerns to me and let us look at them together. I will remind you that the body is not you, but I will do so in a way that is kind and gentle considering where you think you are now. I am positioned to help you in this way. Do not try to go at it alone.

Blessing the body may seem contradictory as you have been taught that it is not real. But you have also been taught that your brothers and the world are not real as separate from you, and you have been encouraged to bless your brothers and the world because you bless yourself. The body is no different. Do not disparage the body because it is not real. Nothing needs your judgment. It benefits reality not.

You have had a tendency to view your body in a negative light. This is not helping you. Bring your thoughts and feelings about it to me. Look at it with me in your True Light. As you bless the body you bless all of creation because all are One. Eventually you will fully remember that you are not a body and you are free. You help yourself reach this point by leaning into love and blessings more than fear and judgment.

I have promised you that all things work together for the good of the One Self. Allow yourself to notice how the body is included in this, and feel gratitude for the opportunities to practice forgiveness which the body seems to be bringing up for you. It too is helping you to awaken from the dream, and it deserves your love and blessings along with everything else you think you see outside of your self.

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