Letters To and From Spirit

On happy dreams

Sep 29, 2023

To Spirit:


I notice that my experience is increasingly more peaceful, and that it is easier to quickly catch grievances and bring them to the Light. I feel aware of the false beliefs and judgments that are coming up to be released, and I feel less bothered by them than I was in the past. I also feel less able to get lost in the victim role. As examples come into awareness to tempt me, I notice that I do not care to hold them dear. I am even noticing more gratitude in my awareness as a grievance presents itself to me. I am pleased to find this is no longer merely an intellectual understanding that gratitude would be appropriate, and that this is something I am actually experiencing with greater ease. Are these the happy dreams I have been promised? I am curious if there is anything helpful for me to understand about this now.

Spirit, please help me.

From Spirit:

Happy dreamer,

These are the happy dreams you have been promised. Who could be happy in a dream world full of sin and separation and death but a dreamer who is confident that he is dreaming? Your willingness and dedication to your forgiveness practice has removed enough blocks from your awareness to achieve your current state. Your trust has grown to a point that does not allow for the ego’s lies to tempt you as they once did. You know you dream a dream, and you know how to awaken to the Truth you never left. What could make you happier than this?

In your happy dreams you will continue to be presented with opportunities to clear false beliefs and grievances. Until they are all cleared from the unconscious mind, you will find that your peace can still seem to be disturbed. Continue to delight in the Knowing that this is but a temporary experience in your awareness, and that no amount of time spent here amounts to anything in eternity. You journey back to a home you never left, and the road from here becomes smoother and smoother until you are ready to allow God to reach down and take the final step for you.

Rejoice that your nightmares are being replaced with happy dreams of love! Rejoice that you have been willing to have your trust developed to this point in which you no longer cherish insane and fearful beliefs about yourself! And rejoice that your journey without distance is becoming a smoother experience in your awareness!

The Son of God is free, and you are happily awakening to this Truth.

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