Letters To and From Spirit

On feeling like it’s not fair

Sep 28, 2023

To Spirit:


Please help me. As I was practicing handing over some thoughts and feelings regarding what feels like a challenging situation, I noticed a well of sadness and frustration coupled with the thought “it’s not fair!” bubbling up within me. I recognize this is simply another grievance coming up to be brought to the Light, but I found I was more tempted to judge myself for this one. I bring this to you so we can look at it together. I am willing to have my mind changed and allow this to be used for salvation. Please help me to let go of the belief in what is and is not fair. Please help me to let go of the temptation to judge myself for what feels like a childish grievance. Please help me to forgive.

Spirit, please help me.

From Spirit:


You have done well to notice the temptation into self-judgment and to ask for help instead. This grievance is no different than the rest. It is only your own belief in differences that can cause one grievance to seem more “childish” than another. You have been promised that they are all released in the same way. And you have done as you have been taught in bringing this to me. Let me help you now.

There is a part of you who can behave like a little child, stomping its feet and proclaiming “it’s not fair” out of its frustration and desperation. It thinks that it created its own world with its own identity and toys. One of its favorite toys is to point out injustice, and it loves to find this outside of itself. It may sound like it desires justice, but it only wishes to continue to point out what is unfair. Without this toy it does not know who it is, and this question it never wishes to face.

This part of the split mind is not what you really are, and it will not be helped with judgment. As you fight it you but make it real in your experience, and you join it in its favorite game. And thus you forget your Truth.

Remember that you help yourself by bringing this evidence of false belief to me without delay. Step back from the game, refuse to play with the toys. As the false identity dissolves in the Light, you will remember to laugh at the idea that anything requires your judgment in order to be helped.

There is nothing more fair than God’s plan for salvation, and all that is required for you to experience it is willingness to put down your toys.

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