Letters To and From Spirit

On longing for God

Jul 17, 2023

To Spirit:


I feel aware of how every thought I think, every action I take, is based in a longing for God that I know is due to mistaken belief that I’ve separated from God. I see the dream character trying to fill the (w)hole in the dream, and I remember that she is not me and that you can help me see it differently. I do not wish to deny my experience of longing for God, but I am willing to be helped with the sick part of my mind who is mistaken.

Spirit, please help me.

From Spirit:


Your awareness of the longing you feel for God in your illusory dream experience is a most helpful gift to you, especially as you remember to decide which adviser to look at it with. Having chosen me, I can now help you to step back from the longing and remind you that you have never lost God, that you could never lose God. You are connected to God in ways you cannot even understand here. Only in your awareness do you seem to be separate, and only by your belief does this seem to remain in awareness. Do not deny the belief or judge yourself for it. But look at it with me and remember that there is another way to see it.

You are able to sense the longing that is underneath all striving due to your willingness and dedication to your mind training. You are saving yourself countless steps and lessons each time you remember what is at the root of everything the dream character seems to feel and experience. Your increased ability to quickly step back from perception and choose again is a sign of your progress and growing trust. Let yourself notice this now, as a part of you is aided by this acknowledgement.

The longing for God will save you. The longing for God is driving you. The longing for God is illusory, but will lead you out of illusion if looked at with me.

How fortunate that you will not be deceived and tempted with false idols! How gracious is God’s plan for salvation such that it repurposes all of the feelings that have resulted from listening to the ego. Keep noticing the longing and bring it to me so I can help bring you home.

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