Letters To and From Spirit

On wanting to be right

Jul 14, 2023

To Spirit:


Please help me. I notice some grievances that I hold tightly, and how part of me wishes to be right more than it wishes to be happy. I will not judge this. But I see it and I bring it to you.

Please help me to let go of the desire to be right. Please help me remember that I can be right or happy. Please help me to let these grievances go, to repurpose these relationships and to look on it all with your interpretation.

As I see them so will I see myself.

Spirit, please help me.

From Spirit:

My child,

Your ego wishes to be right. You are not your ego. In bringing this to me you allow me to remind you of this. The ego will never be happy, as by its very nature this cannot be so. And so it will always choose being right. It sees no alternative. And about this it is right.

As you choose again you choose against your ego and its desire to be right. The ego will never desire this! The ego will fight this like it is fighting for its illusory life.

As you choose again you remind yourself that the ego’s illusory life is not your life. And thus you separate yourself from the belief that you must grip those grievances tightly. You simply step back from it, and recognize that there is no need to change anyone’s mind. The mind that knows is well, and the mind that does not know is not real. You simply change identification, allowing the unreal mind to fade into the nothing it was.

You have done this already in bringing it to me. Now I take care of the part you cannot see and understand. Keep it up, you’re doing well.

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