Letters To and From Spirit

On following guidance

Jul 13, 2023

To Spirit:


Please help me. I wish to follow my guidance, and follow my guidance only. I’d like to feel clear on what is my guidance always. And I’d like to have the trust to follow it. Please help me to listen to and follow my guidance as much as possible. Please help to remove any blocks I’ve placed in my mind that get in the way. Please help me to start my day with you and to follow your guidance throughout my day. I am willing to choose again and again, and I am willing to receive your help.

Spirit, please help me.

From Spirit:

Holy one,

Your willingness is received and immediately produces results. You have been and will continue to receive guidance, and you’ll notice that your ability to listen and follow has been growing as well. It is good that you continue to bring your willingness to me. It is the only way.

Trust that your guidance is ever present, that I am always by your side. Allow all things you look upon and experience to be opportunities for guidance. Remember that there are no neutral thoughts, and so every moment is a choice between guidance and grievance. There is no moment where guidance is not available to you. And there is no moment where you do not show your allegiance through which choice you make. Choose in the morning, and then again and again throughout your day. Keep returning your mind to me and I will continue to show you how to turn this nightmare into happy dreams in which you readily allow God to enter and take the final step.

You can do no wrong. And you “do” nothing new. The script has already played out and now you simply watch it either with your guidance or your grievance, whichever adviser you choose. Let this truth reassure you rather than dissuade you. You need do nothing, and yet you will appear to do exactly what is needed until no more dreams are needed at all. How perfect! How fortunate that this is promised to you and that all is needed from you is a willingness to remember to choose again and again.

Go forth and let your joyous knowing be a beacon that shines a light on the way home for you and your brothers. Together we will guide each other home.

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