Letters To and From Spirit

On feeling guilt over how I impact others

Jul 12, 2023

To Spirit:


Please help me step back from ego and look at this with you. I feel guilty over how I feel I am impacting others. Ego tells me I’m bad somehow, and uses any evidence of me prioritizing myself or simply showing up as myself as reasons why I’m bad. I know that ego is always looking to prove the point that I am bad, and I am not interested in adopting ego’s view as my own. Spirit, please help me to look at this with your interpretation. Help me see how this can be used for good. Help me to let go of guilt through forgiveness.

Spirit, please help me.

From Spirit:

Dear one,

I’m so glad you bring this to me so I can help you to repurpose it. Yes, this is ego’s constant desire: to either make you guilty, or to project that guilt out onto others. Your ego has a tendency to lean into self-judgment as this is more effective in tempting you to believe ego’s lies. But in reality, your judgment of yourself is no different than the judgment of “others.” Both are projections. Neither are true. But both can be used for God’s plan for salvation, as forgiveness can be applied to all.

Remember that it doesn’t matter what form it seems to take, the content of ego’s message remains the same: someone is bad, and someone needs to pay. You’ve watched your ego flip flop and “switch sides” as you practice stepping back from its judgments. If you won’t judge others, then it tries to get you to judge yourself. All judgment is self-judgment ultimately, and as you are aware of your self-judgment you are closer to being in the theater with me.

Remember that self-judgment is a projection you can pull back as well. It seems you are not projecting out as “far,” but there is no distance in truth. When ego attempts to project guilt onto your dream character, it is still helpful to remember you are never upset for the reason you think. You pull back the projection just as you have learned to do when projecting onto “others,” and you bring it to me so I can help shine the light of truth onto the darkness to dispel it.

Your guilt over impacting “others” is ultimately your guilt over impacting God and Heaven. You’ll do well to remember this and remember it quickly. Then I can remind you of the truth, and together we will gently laugh at the ego’s insanity.

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