Letters To and From Spirit

On creativity in the dream

Jul 11, 2023

To Spirit:


I’d like to make sure I am making no decisions on my own, so I bring to you my sense that I would like to be creative in the dream. I have been feeling this more and more lately. I think it may be inspired to engage in creative collaborations with my brothers, I just wish to make sure I remember what it is all for and do not let ego run away with it. Please help me to remember that I am not really creating anything here, but to not let this stop me from doing anything inspired and truly helpful.

Spirit, please help me.

From Spirit:

Dearest one,

I have been inspiring you to engage in creative collaborations with your brothers, as it can be a helpful way for you to undo the separation in your mind. Your sense that ego would love to pick it up and run with it is accurate; ego attempts to do this with anything it thinks it can use for its purpose. You will do well to continue to return to your right mind as you attempt to follow inspirations. This is the only way. You can not stop ego from grasping, not until you finally set it aside as the useless toy that it is. Until then, you do well to notice its attempts and repeatedly choose to look with me instead.

You do not create anything real in the world, but remember that there can be a usefulness to illusions, and that this should not be overlooked. Let yourself follow the path of inspiration. Sure, the inspirations are illusory. But they are the helpful type of illusions that lead away from illusions. How else would you find your way home? It will not be through plugging your ears and closing your eyes and denying the world you thought you made that you awaken to your true innocence. It is through allowing me to show you how to repurpose it. Allowing yourself to extend love and create collaboratively with the thought projections that ego intended to make you further believe in the separation is a clever way of repurposing what the ego thought it had made. As you do this, it makes it harder for ego’s narrative to take hold of you. And thus you can use illusions to help yourself gently wake up to the full realization of the illusory nature of the ego itself.

I meant it when I said it is time to play and create with your brothers. Trust that this is safe, and keep returning to me to help you stay on track.

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