Letters To and From Spirit

On fighting myself

Sep 6, 2023

To Spirit:


Please help me to not fight myself. I notice the temptation to be frustrated with and judge myself due to some grievances that I seem resistant to give up. I also notice the temptation to feel like I am failing at every turn. I find these feelings to be particularly sticky today, and I know you have taught me to not fight myself when resistance is strong. Please help me to accept myself and everything around me as it is. Please help me to step back from the urge to fight myself. Please help me see how this too is for my good.

I am willing to see and understand this as you would have me.

Spirit, please help me.

From Spirit:

Dear one,

You need not fight yourself. You have done well to notice this temptation and to remember what you have been taught. You are a good student but your mind is still split. You’re noticing resistance coming up, and you can help yourself by remembering that this is not evidence that you are failing. Recall that it is for your good that you become aware of that which has been hidden in the unconscious mind. When you remember this you remember that you can not fail, and this will help you to not become frustrated with yourself.

Who would be frustrated if they but remember your truth? The part of you who wishes to get frustrated and fight yourself is the part who does not want the truth. When you become so frustrated with yourself that you feel stuck it is because you have forgotten who you are. Let me remind you.

You are the light of the world. You can not fail. You can do no wrong. You can not even actually fight yourself but in illusions.

Stop the fight by returning your mind to me. God does not will this for his son, and you share his will for you because you want peace. Who can find peace through fighting? The way to peace is to lay down your arms. Attack yourself not. You benefit no one with that harsh self-talk.

I have taught you to not fight yourself when resistance is strong and dedication is weak. Your dedication is not weak, but you sometimes confuse dedication with punishment. Step back from the punishing part of your mind. Simply refuse to engage. You show your dedication through refusing to believe that there is anything deserving of punishment and a fight.

The Son of God is free! No amount of fighting nor resistance can change this fact. Rejoice that your truth remains intact even as you seem to struggle and fight yourself! And in rejoicing do you stop the fight.

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