Letters To and From Spirit

On being kind

Sep 5, 2023

To Spirit:


Please help me. I’d like to be more kind and loving to all those I am called to interact with throughout my days. I notice grievances that I cling to that seem to block how much kindness and love I extend out sometimes. I’d like to be able to extend kindness and love more consistently and unconditionally. I’d like to be kind to all, including myself, recognizing that all are one. Please help me to let go of the desire to be right. Please help me to release all grievances that I am holding tightly. Please help me remember that every encounter is a holy encounter.

Spirit, please help me.

From Spirit:

Light of the world,

You have done your part in noticing your grievances, noticing the places where you still prefer to be “right,” and recognizing that how you see and treat others is how you see and treat yourself. To be willing to look at this with me and my interpretation is all that is asked of you. Let us look at it together now.

What you really are is naturally kind and loving. You are the light of the world. Only grievances that you wish to keep can seem to block your light. Without grievances, the light of your kindness and love would naturally and effortlessly shine out in all directions and without limits. Cherish no grievances then. Your only task in restoring the light that seems to be blocked is to bring those seeming blocks to the light. Remember it is only hidden beliefs that you wish to keep that can seem to operate as blocks. Your willingness to give them away is all that is needed in order to do so.

Would you continue to wish to be right, when all of that which you want is seemingly held back by this insane desire? Choose again, and as you choose being happy the light of your kindness and love will shine for all to see.

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