Letters To and From Spirit

On feeling rejected

Sep 7, 2023

To Spirit:


Please help me. I notice that feeling rejected is the type of feeling that I have accepted as an identity. When it has become activated in my awareness, I can struggle to step back from it and remember my truth. It is a repeating narrative in my dream character’s life, and I wish to be able to repurpose it without denying or getting lost in it. Please help me to remember there is no one outside of me rejecting me. Please help me to remember what everything is for. Please help me let go of this old story and identity.

Spirit, please help me.

From Spirit:


I will help you to let this old story and false identity be repurposed and released. You are particularly tempted by this one, but you are ready to let it go. Let me help you.

There is no one out there judging and rejecting you. You see evidence of this in your dream character’s linear experience, but only because you have judged and rejected your self and then projected this out due to how painful it is. It is only your own perception that needs correcting then. Remember this, and be grateful that the contents of your unconscious mind can be revealed to you so you can choose again.

Do not judge and reject your self. She is not real, but you have enough belief that you are her that it is particularly unhelpful to judge and reject her. You can remember you are not her while being kind and compassionate to her. Doing this will help bring an end to the dream of judgment and rejection, because it is only your own false belief that seems to fuel that dream.

You are loved, honored, and accepted beyond your little self’s level of understanding. Notice the temptation to cling to an old story that tells you otherwise, and then return to your right mind so I can remind you of your truth.

No amount of repeating and believing and finding evidence of this false belief will ever make it true. It is impossible for God’s Son to be rejected. All of Heaven awaits your return so you can see the open arms with which God welcomes you home.

Rejoice that there is nothing you can do that could cause you to be rejected by God! Like the prodigal son, only Love awaits your return.

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