Letters To and From Spirit

On being truly helpful

Sep 1, 2023

To Spirit:


Please help me to be truly helpful. I notice right now I do not want anything other than this. I am not interested in following ego temptations about what to do and when. I do not know what anything is for, and I do not want to make any decisions alone. Please help me to do and say whatever is truly helpful. Please help me to make no decisions by myself today. Please help me to fully trust God’s plan for salvation. I bring to you all the thoughts and ideas I notice within me now. I am willing to be shown what is truly helpful.

Spirit, please help me.

From Spirit:

Helpful one,

Your willingness is received. I am helping you and will continue to do so. We can look at all these thoughts and ideas you have about what to do with your day together. There is no way for you to do any wrong, but I will help you to save the perception of time through the miracle if you are willing to make no decisions on your own.

Start your day with me in this way as often as you are willing. If you set out to make no decisions on your own, I will help you. Set your intention but then judge yourself not if you get off track. Do not expect perfection. You are asked only to practice choosing again and again. Each time you return your mind to me you save yourself countless steps. So choose in the morning and then choose again and again throughout your day.

Everyone is playing an important part in the gentle awakening of God’s only son. The more you look with me the more you will see the ways it all beautifully fits together. There is a clue for you here in this. Any time you are not sensing that beauty and cohesion is a time you could choose again in order to be truly helpful. Let this be part of your practice now. You are ready.

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