Letters To and From Spirit

On allowing gratitude

Aug 30, 2023

To Spirit:


Please help me. I understand your guidance to me to allow more gratitude in my practice, and your promise to help me if I am willing. I am willing to be helped with this. Please help me remove the block I have placed in my mind. Please help me quickly and gracefully catch false beliefs that are at the root of me blocking gratitude, and to let them go. I’d like to be able to feel more gratitude more often. I notice temptation to judge myself for not feeling it more already, but I am not interested in engaging with that temptation.

Spirit, please help me.

From Spirit:

Grateful one,

Your willingness is noted and produces immediate results. Gratitude is yours, now and always. The true You has never had gratitude interrupted. You can remember this as you practice forgiveness, and allow this to comfort you, even as you notice a part of your mind resisting. Remember that the part who resists is not real, and in refusing to engage with it will this become more and more clear in your awareness.

Gratitude is a natural state that results from performing your function and being the light of the world. Gratitude only seems blocked to you because part of you does not believe in your function, and so it seems to block your light. You will recall that in truth the light of the world can not be “blocked,” but you will help yourself by allowing your practice to gradually bring this truth back into your awareness.

Practice then with the disbelief and the forms it seems to take. Any beliefs about yourself that are being held and cherished by the little self who wishes to be separate must be brought to the light. You’ll notice that the “blocks,” which seem to block the light, are actually effortlessly dispelled by the light when brought to it. It is only false beliefs that are being hidden that can seem to block the light then. And this is how you can recognize that it is really only the little self’s desire to stay “blocked” that allows it to remain so in your awareness.

Any belief about yourself that is less than or at odds with being the light of the world is what you can focus your practice on now. Notice the false beliefs by how they make you feel, but then bring them to me so we can look at them together. Anything short of gratitude is a clue to you that a false belief about yourself is ready to come up and be repurposed. Bring it to me quickly and I will help with the grace.

God wills that you experience his gifts, gratitude being one of them. You can not fail. You have all the help you need. Continue to bring your willingness to me and I will help you perform the miracle. You are the light of the world. Accept nothing less as a belief about yourself, and you will feel nothing less.

Gratitude is here now. Notice it and how it has arisen in your awareness as a result of your practice. Go forward now, and shine the light of your gratitude for all your brothers to see. It is this light that will guide you home.

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