Letters To and From Spirit

On seeing only Love

Sep 11, 2023

To Spirit:


Please help me. I know that when I want only Love I will see nothing else. I also know that you have taught me to focus my practice on any moments where I am tempted to not see the beauty of all things working together for good. I notice I am still tempted to see problems. I notice this today as I am tempted to worry about decisions to be made. Please help me to let go of the belief in sin and separateness. Please help me to let go of the desire to be separate and special. Please help me to release any blocks that seem to stand in the way of me wanting only Love, so I may see only Love and the beauty of all things working together for my good.

Spirit, please help me.

From Spirit:

Child of God,

You are Love, and when you desire nothing other than your true reality you will see only Love because it is the only thing that is real. Not seeing Love everywhere results from failure to see yourself accurately. In order to see only Love, you must become vigilant only for God and his kingdom. Do not allow any false beliefs about yourself to be held and cherished. Remember your practice and remember it quickly. It is yourself you wish to free. And it is only your self who can seem to block the flow of Love that naturally extends from the Father to his Son.

You are noticing the temptation to worry and believe there are problems to be solved. There are decisions to be made here, but you help yourself by releasing the tendency to view these decisions as “problems” to be “solved.” Everything you see is but a reflection of your belief about your self. Remember that all “problems” are reflective of the one problem of separation, and that this problem was “solved” for you long ago. To believe otherwise is to block the flow of Love in your awareness.

Practice, then, with the tendency to worry and not see Love everywhere. Practice whenever you notice you’re seeing a problem and not trusting it has already been solved. Look for the beauty of all things working together perfectly for the good of God’s son, and let no shadows of doubt be cast for long without you recognizing it is a block to be brought to the light.

Rejoice at the simplicity of your practice! Rejoice that you know exactly what to do in order to see only Love! And rejoice that you have been promised you can not fail, that you journey back to a home you never left in truth but in mistaken belief!

When you want only Love you will see nothing else. This sentence contains the solution to any problem you think you see.

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