Letters To and From Spirit

On letting go

Jul 6, 2023

To Spirit:


Please help me. I’d like to let go of the grip I think I have on this world. I’d like to let go of the desire to be in control and to be in charge of myself. Please help me to change my mind. I am willing to be helped. Please help remove blocks I have placed in my mind to truth. Please help heal any insane beliefs. Please help me remember that my safety lies in my defenselessness, not in keeping a tight grip on my experience. Please help me relax into what is. Please help remove the belief that to relax and let go is dangerous.

Spirit, please help me.

From Spirit:

Beloved one,

I am helping you to let it go, seemingly little bit by bit, at a rate that will not terrify you. Your willingness helps me to help you, and as soon as you demonstrate it you can trust you have already been helped.

The dream character is the one gripping and fearing letting go. Remember that you are not her. We will never convince her it is okay to relax and let go. The good news is salvation does not rest on her understanding, however much she believes it is so. Salvation rests on your willingness to choose again, over and over, to choose against the dream character in a realization that there is no value in being her.

Be not confused that this is unkind to the dream character. Remember that she is not real, she is simply a scared thought that you seem to continue to look over and embody. Your “letting go” is letting go of her and the belief that you were ever her. She can not and will not be the one to let go. She will continue to try to grip the world because her very “existence” stems from an insanely fearful thought that gripping the world is her only hope. When you feel yourself gripping, remember that this means you are identifying as her. The only sane choice then is to choose to let go of the identification, which you are choosing whenever you bring your concerns to me.

Do not worry about your pace. You are a good student. You have been driven by your ego for so long, and it has caused you to be fearful that you are making mistakes at every turn. I’m glad you bring your concerns to me. God does not wish his son to be tortured by insane and untrue beliefs. Keep bringing them to me so I can reassure you that all is well.

Your grip will and is naturally loosening as you repeatedly come to me and let me heal your sick, split mind.

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