Letters To and From Spirit

On feeling the sadness of the world

Jul 4, 2023

To Spirit:


Sometimes I feel like I am feeling the sadness of the whole world. I’ve been able to feel it my whole life. It feels overwhelming. Like I’m not feeling just my own hard feelings, but everyone’s, and so it is almost constant. I wish to remember the truth for all. I do not wish to hold us separate from reality by believing what is not true. But sometimes it feels like I could sink into the sadness of the world and drown. Please help me look at it with you.

Spirit, please help me.

From Spirit:


You do feel the sadness of the world, because the sadness of the world is really all in you. You seem to weep for others and what they lack, but really you weep for your own seeming separation from God. Remember that any sadness you sense is always ultimately about this, and you will more quickly remember to bring it to me rather than sink in and drown. You do not need to worry that you feel it. It is coming up to be brought to the light. But once you recognize it, bring it to me right away. Do not torture yourself with it. Ego would have you go over it and over it, turning it over in your mind and dwelling in the feeling. You do not need to judge yourself for any time spent following ego’s temptation, but you now know you can save yourself the experience of time and suffering by listening to me instead. You save the world from its sadness when you practice forgiveness. You are doing the most truly helpful thing you can. Rejoice that you know how to do this and that your willingness is growing! Rejoice that the sadness of the world is coming up in the one mind to be healed by the remembrance that separation never was.

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