Letters To and From Spirit

On feeling hopeless

Aug 16, 2023

To Spirit:


Please help me. I sense a temptation to feel hopeless about a situation in my life. I do not deny the feeling and the seeming experience, but I bring it to you so we can look at it together instead. I recognize that ego would tempt me to feel hopeless, as this is part of its interpretation. I wish to choose again and see this as you would have me see it. Please help me step back from the hopeless feeling and remember the truth. Please help me to practice forgiveness with this feeling and experience.

Spirit, please help me.

From Spirit:

Precious Child of God,

I’m so glad you bring this to me so I can help you to repurpose the feeling and experience to which it seems connected. Ego would have you believe that you are hopeless because of something that is happening to the dream character in your linear sense of time. You need not deny that this does seem to be happening in your awareness, but you will help yourself by remembering you are never upset for the reason you think. Allow the feeling of hopelessness to be yet another form that contains the same content of believing in the separation. Then your practice with this becomes clear, as it is no different from any of your practicing.

The hopelessness you feel is a result of choosing the ego’s interpretation of the tiny mad idea. What a hopeless picture the ego did paint! It insisted you killed God and destroyed Heaven, and if this were true there would be no hope indeed.

Remember my interpretation and repurposing always remains the same. The tiny mad idea was nothing, worth laughing away, and it effected reality not. The projections and feelings that have resulted from not choosing my interpretation can then serve as a helpful reminder to you that you can choose again. See them as this and nothing more. You reduce your sense of suffering when you quickly remember this practice always remains the same.

How fortunate that a feeling of hopelessness can be repurposed into a reminder of where true hope lies! Rejoice that there is no way for hope to really be lost! You need not deny the dream character’s experience in order to feel gratitude for God’s hopeful plan.

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