Letters To and From Spirit

On boundaries

Jun 30, 2023

To Spirit:


Please help me. Boundaries are important, I know, and yet part of me gets confused sometimes and wonders if I am “playing victim” or “making others wrong” when I put a boundary in place and uphold it. And part of me thinks I am not being loving, even as another part of me knows and teaches others that boundaries are in fact loving. I see the split. I’m not going to fight it. I’m bringing it to you. Please help me see this as you would have me see it. Please help me be loving to myself and my brothers while remembering that we are all one. Please help me to know what to do and say that is truly helpful for atonement. And please help me to trust my inspirations and guidance, to trust that boundaries can be inspired and that any inspirations can be helpful for salvation.

Spirit, please help me.

From Spirit:


You have done well to notice your split mind and not fight it! Notice how much distress you saved yourself from by doing this right away, rather than trying to convince the wrong mind that it is wrong. You do not need to “fix” the part of your mind who is confused. She will not ever understand what your right mind understands. As you remember this you remember that you are not the wrong mind, you are the part of your mind watching the wrong mind. And as you watch it non-judgmentally with me you will watch it slowly disappear over time.

The topic of boundaries - and any other topic you write to me about - is really not complicated to the right mind. You know this is true, you often write to me that you know something but another part of you doesn’t. Stick with the part who knows. Your right mind knows that there is no separation in reality, and that boundaries thus can not be real. Your right mind knows that nothing is really being done in the world, but that anything that appears to be done with love is a helpful illusion leading out of illusions. Your loving boundaries can be seen in this way. When the ego rises up to protest, notice it by its confusion and fear, and remember this is the one to whom Truth can not be brought. Together we will bring it to Truth instead, where all seeming issues will be effortlessly resolved.

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